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Apologies for bothering you again, but I think I’ve run into a small bug.

I am finding that some blog posts do not get pdfs generated for them.

Examples of the problem are:$

Delinking Sex/Gender from Parenting

Patent Crisis?/Judicial Solution?

Structure and/or Culture


In each case, no pdf file was created, and going in and modifying the text (e.g. by adding a space at the end of the article), doesn’t cause a pdf to appear when I click on the pdf link. I suspect it is the / and or ? characters in the titles that are causing the issue since that is what these posts seem to have in common.

One work-around might be for me to use extended HTML codes in the title (assuming the plugin takes things like ? and / in titles), but that will cause some strain on other ways in which I use the titles — e.g. the “cite as” block at the end. This is not insurmountable as I can replace those by hand, but it would be nice to avoid if I could, so I thought I should ask if there’s an easy fix.

Other than this, it’s working great, and so I thank you again for creating and maintaining it.

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