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Anon, We Have to Have a Citation, 1 J. Not. 1 (2017).

This post is unique to the transitioned site.  It is not on the old Dreamhost platform.  If you are seeing this post, you either have pointed your browser to the staging area or the DNS cutover has been successful.  My plan for testing is to have the DNS cutover on this section first, then on the other zetas.  In that process I have to test:

  1. that legacy mail forwarding still works.
  2. that changes to mail forwarding work
  3. that I can access the new version on https as well a http
  4. that I can get into the dashboard
  5. that sftp access works
  6. that ssh access works

Perhaps I will note the results here, or in a subsequent post, or — better yet — as a way to test the comments pages.

UPDATE: regenerating post to see if that fixes comment problem.

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Cite as: Michael Froomkin, Testing Transition to LiquidWeb, JOTWELL (August 5, 2017) (reviewing Anon, We Have to Have a Citation, 1 J. Not. 1 (2017)),